Primary school develops 3D technology skills and enthusiasm


It is often inspiring to see new technology in practice. Today, a great example comes from a primary school, Elementary School of Dana & Emil Zátopek in Třinec in the Czech Republic where children are involved in a unique 3D modeling project: they are creating 3D models of a steel factory in nearby Ostrava.

The models are being created as a part of the school’s computer graphics education program using SketchUp software. The project involves a 15 member team of children between 12 and 15 years old as well as past graduates and an IT instructor. The models were released and uploaded to 3D Warehouse, and they are preparing to remodel them in Cinema 4D and for Quine Engine.

The students also attended an interesting workshop about 3D printing under the professional guidance of Mr. Josef Prusa, creator of the Prusa Mendel Printer, who provided the kids with an amazing introduction to 3D printing. Mr. Prusa whose model of the printer is one of the most important the world, showed them what 3D printing is, how it works, and how to prepare 3D models for 3D printing. Pupils could see how to convert, correct and slice their own model for 3D printing.

Through projects like creating 3D model of steel factory and attending workshops by world-renowned experts in 3D printing, students develop a strong design portfolio and acquire the knowledge, skills, and resources to bring 3D printing to a new level in the future. The students are keen to print everything, and their enthusiasm for 3D printing technology will certainly have an impact on the future of design.

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